ABC’s of Meme

Okay so I am a delinquent blogger.  I’ve had this thing for a month & have only posted 1 thing.  Part of it is lack of time, part of it is lack of interesting things to talk about.  But my sweet friend who also happens to blog posted this yesterday & she saw it on another blog & I believe that blog “borrowed” it from another one as well… anyways, I’ve decided to use it too.  It’s a great way to get to know me as a blogger.
A. Age: at my last birthday I celebrated the 12th anniversary of my 21st Birthday.
B. Bed size: Queen.  When we go to a hotel & sleep in a King I feel like we’re on different coasts!!
C. Chore that you hate: Ugh… all of them!  I would have to say the #1 thing I HATE to do is dusting.  I can manage to do everything else but I can make things look nice even when they’re dusty 🙂
D. Dogs: Currently no dogs – 2 cats & a lizard & I own a tortoise that is still residing at a friends house because we haven’t gotten around to getting him back yet after moving!!  We would like a SMALL dog someday, perhaps.  
E. Essential start to your day: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee & snuggle time with Levi.
F. Favorite color: Greens & Blues
G. Gold or Silver: I’m a gold girl mainly because it looks better with my skin tone.  I do like silver but it makes me look even paler than normal!!
H. Height: 5′ 4″ish
I. Instruments you play: I can play piano (had 7 years but don’t really play for others), I played Clarinet in school (band geek to the core!) but haven’t really touched it since, and I’ve dabbled with Guitar but can only play 3 songs.  I need lessons for that one…
J. Job title: Youth Director
K. Kids: One amazing Son, Levi, who is the light of my life.  I’m sure you’ll read lots more about him in the upcoming blogs!
L. Live: South Central PA. Like my good friend over at SHINE, I say “ya’ll” a lot too!
M. Mother’s name: Glenda
N. Nicknames: Heiders, PH (for Pastor Heidi), and the occasional “Heidi G.” (which is an update from “Heidi B.” since I got married).
O. Overnight hospital stays: My birth, and C-section for little man
P. Pet peeves: other drivers… I have been blessed with my father’s gift of “road rage,” people who always have to be in the middle of other people’s business (or “potstirrers” as I like to refer to them), and people who have to share their opinion about EVERYTHING.  Sometimes it’s okay to keep things to yourself!!
Q. Quote from a movie: “With great power comes great responsibility” Spiderman.  I’m not up to date on current movies…
R. Right or left handed: Righty but always secretly wanted to be a lefty like my cousin!!  It’s fun to watch them write!!  

S. Siblings: A “big” little brother who has gone from an annoyance to a good friend.
T. Time it takes you to get ready: Usually 30 minutes or so, depending on how motivated I am & well rested…
U. Ultimate Vacation: Too many places on my bucket list but at the top are Hawaii, Venice Italy, & I too would really like to go to Australia to meet Ezra and hang out with Karen & Joel 😀
V. Vegetable you hate: Asparagus & Brussel Sprouts.  ICK!
W. What makes you run late: My son now.  Although I would still sometimes blame myself & the need to get just “one more minute” of sleep.  I have never ever claimed to be a morning person.  Now it’s even harder getting out of the house in the am’s with a little one!!
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth, fractured ribs, sprained ankle, I think that’s it!
Y. Yummy food that you make: Ugh, I really hate cooking but it’s a must around here or we wouldn’t eat (especially since we can’t afford to eat out all of the time!).  I don’t know what I would say is super yummy or “Heidi’s famous” anything.  As long as I have a recipe I can make just about anything.
Z. Zoo animal: Monkeys!  I love watching them play and react to one another.  They’re just fun animals.  I’ve also been to the Six Flags Safari in New Jersey & my favorite part was always the monkeys as they would crawl all over your car!!! 
Okay, that’s me in a nutshell!  What are some of your favorite or not so favorite things?

2 thoughts on “ABC’s of Meme

  1. Muah! Loved this 🙂 Glad you joined the ABC craze, such an easy way to post, right? If you need some other ideas, try linking up with Five Minute Friday ( or (in)courage is doing a few weeks of writing prompts about community 🙂


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