Out of Order

On the First Sunday of the Month our church has “Family Sunday” during our 2nd Service.  Usually our kids have Junior Church during the entire service but during this Sunday our Kids Choir Sings and someone does a Kidz Chat before the kids are dismissed.  Along with Family Sunday this week was World Wide Communion Sunday.  Our Pastor decided to switch things up and instead of having the Lord’s Supper at the end of the Service he decided to do it towards the beginning.  I liked it, it was a change of pace and I personally get tired of “Same ol’ same ol’.”

I had to laugh at a little girl, however, who was not so flexible.  This sweet little girl was getting antsy about still being in big church and I heard her quietly cry to her mom about how she thought the Pastor had forgotten to dismiss the kids!  She was quite upset about it!  I had to giggle to myself as I heard her mom patiently explain to her as to why  things were different & that they would be dismissed VERY soon.  She even pulled on the “order of service” in the bulletin to show her where we were.  It melted my heart and made me think “God love her.”

Then it reminded me of how I am a lot like that little girl when it comes to real life.  I get frustrated when things don’t go my way or on my time table.  I can get quite bratty with God even at my age.  Yet he has a way of patiently taking me under his arm and I feel Him reminding me that even though things aren’t happening the way I want them to that He’s still in control.  Although, it would be VERY convenient if he could pull out the “order of life” just like mom pulled out the “order of service” to show me what was coming up in life.
God, although you can’t exactly show me what’s coming up in life, thanks for reminding me that YOU are controlling the order.  Forgive me when I act like a brat when I don’t get my way in life.

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