(In)Motherhood Link up: Embarrassing Stories

So I’m only a week late on this but hey!  Better late than never!  I’ve been busy away from the computer and have spent most of the day going through 500+ (yes that’s right) e-mails… er, mostly deleting things that were not at all important.  Anyways, I stumbled upon my dear friend Crystal’s SHINE blog and came across LAST TUESDAY’s post about the link up (I still have one more week before it was too late!!).

So anyways, my little man is only 15 months, but he is certainly finding his voice.  He jibber-jabbers most of the time with the occasional “Mama,” “Dayee (Daddy),” “Keyee (Kitty),” “HI,” “BYE!,” “Ba (ball)” that we actually know what he’s saying!  So, he hasn’t really had that “kid’s say the Darnedest things” moment QUITE yet.

So I believe the MOST embarrassing thing that has happened (despite how LOUD he can get in restaurants & stores screaming just to hear himself and I want to crawl under the table/shopping cart) just LAST week!  Our little guy likes to drink a lot.  He takes on about as much water as a fish sometimes – which is good because he is WELL hydrated (I’ve changed the diapers to prove it!).  Anyway, I had given him a new sippy cup to try that we had gotten a while ago but it seemed really hard to drink from so we decided to hold off on using it until his little cheek muscles were a little stronger (even though it was marked for 9 months and up!).  He seemed to take a sip out of it fine in the morning and all seemed good.  However as the day went on he got crankier and crankier and I assumed he wanted his cup but he got upset when I gave it to him so I figured “He just doesn’t want it.”  That evening at dinner my husband noticed his cup was still pretty full and asked if I had filled it up at all during the day (which it isn’t unusual to fill a cup up once or twice and I thought that HE had done so).  I hadn’t… here the child had NOTHING to drink all day long.  Because my husband had been off and at home that day I wasn’t really paying attention to diaper changes… SO we gave him a different cup and he was a NEW child and almost pollished off his whole cup in five minutes (okay maybe exaggerated a little…)!  We felt SO horrible.  Needless to say we will NOT be using that cup again!!

So I guess it wasn’t THAT embarrassing, but something he could hold over our heads later… remember the story you told me about how I had nothing to drink ALL DAY?!  Life is full of MOM FAILS!

What are some good Mom Fails you’ve had or heard about?!