"Train up a child…"

Each Monday for the next few months (until April 22) I will be posting an encouraging post to my fellow (in)motherhood ladies about Motherhood.  You’re welcome to join in as everyone can use some encouragement when it comes to raising kids (or teens or adult kids) – whether they’re your own or not!!
One of the biggest stressors for me as a New Mom is wondering if I’m doing the right thing.  Am I feeding my little man the right foods?  Is he getting enough to eat?  Is he drinking enough?  He’s always been on the small side – is the Pediatrician going to start worrying about that at his next check up?  Is he getting enough of my time?  Does he have the right toys to stimulate him?  Does he have too much?  Is he getting too much or too little sleep?  Are we doing the right things to keep his pacemaker working right… BLAH BLAH BLAH… The list could go on and on.
There are other important things I worry about too.  I look at the world around me.  I see the news of the horrible things going on in the world.  I see in the media that the morals of this country and world are going down the tubes.  I hear the leaders of our country say one thing and then do another.  My son is growing up in an evil world.  I know the world has always been evil – it’s full of sin.  But I worry about what it will be like when he’s older.  When he’s a teenager, what kind of pressures will be around him?  When he’s an adult, what kind of temptations will follow him?  
Looking at the above list I then begin to worry if I’m doing enough to put God in his life.  We read Bible stories together and sing Bible songs.  He has his little class at church and now gets some from the Christian Daycare that I work at and he gets to attend.  We talk about it at home, but again, is it enough?
Thankfully, God lays this verse upon my heart quite often.  I’m sharing it in THE MESSAGE version because I love how it’s put:  

Point your kids in the right direction—

    when they’re old they won’t be lost.

Proverbs 22:6

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When it comes down to it that’s all we can do.  We as parents are called to do our part.  We are called to teach our children the ways of God and live our lives to reflect that teaching.  That doesn’t mean that we will be perfect – thankfully we have a gracious God who works through our mistakes (and He certainly knows I’ve made enough of them in the short 18+ months I’ve been a mommy!).  
So today ladies – Point your kids in the right direction!!  Pray over them constantly!  (Read my prayer for my little guy here) Trust in God that they are learning all they need to know.  Trust in Him that you’re doing what you need to do.  And trust that when they are old enough to make those tough decisions that they have the background they need to choose God’s way!!!


Announcing (in)Motherhood Session 2!


I am so excited to announce Session 2 of (in)motherhood, the (in)couragers online community for New (and Expecting!) Moms.  As an excited member of the first session in the fall it is my humble priviledge to now be leading it with the fabulous and adorable Jessica Hoover over at Hand Me Down Grace .  

Motherhood.  Many of us dreamed of the day that someone might call us “Mommy.”  We waited and anticipated for years – picking out names before we even had a guy around to call “Daddy.”  Dreaming with our sweethearts what future children might be like.  Imagining rocking little ones to sleep while singing them sweet lullibies and gently stroking their precious little faces.  How perfect they would be and how perfect of a Mom we would be.  What a beautiful and magical dream it was….

The Love of My Life

…. and then REALITY STRIKES and you’re up for the fourth time that night to feed  a screaming infant after you just fed him “an hour ago!”  You’re running late again and have to turn back around to change a dirty diaper after just changing a wet one 10 minutes ago!  And you’re so exhausted after being up for the third night in a row with your teething baby that you use orange juice as coffee creamer.  Welcome to Motherhood.

It’s beautiful.  It’s magical.  It’s messy.  And no one can do it alone.  That’s where (in)motherhood comes in.  We want to offer you hope and comfort on this crazy roller coaster called “mommyhood.”  We want to offer a private place for you to come and share your little one’s victories (First Word!), your “Mom Fails,” (we’ve all had ’em!), and your prayer requests of how you’re struggling as a mom.  We want to offer shoulders to cry on, offer you chocolate and coffee/tea, and pray circles around you sweet sister!  We also want to help “talk you off of the ledges” like when we convince ourselves that every tiny sniffle is going to lead to bronchitis or pneumonia.  We’re here for you.  We’ve been there.  We ARE there!  We care.  Let’s share this journey together!

My Little Man on his 1st Birthday, 7/26/12

Ready to join?  Click here for more info. Not sure if this is the home for you?  Check out all of the other (in)courager community groups here and get yourself connected!  Let’s (in)courage one another!

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Five Minute Friday: Afraid

Oh Five Minute Friday!  How I’ve missed taking the time to join you!!

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Today’s Prompt: AFRAID


There are many many many things I am afraid of!
I’m afraid that I’m a horrible wife & mother.
I’m afraid that I am not good enough to do what God has called me to do.
I’m afraid of missing out on many God-given blessings in life because I was so caught up in myself.
I’m afraid of not having enough money.
I’m afraid of myself and the evil that’s ingrained in me.
I’m afraid of not living up to other’s expectations of me.
I’m afraid of failing God.
I’m afraid of missing something good in life.

This is only a tiny list but there’s a lot that I could expand on here too.

Thankfully I am learning little by little, day by day, that I will NEVER be the perfect mother or wife and thankfully I have a forgiving husband and an 18 month old son who at this point in life has a forgiving spirit.  I will NEVER be good enough for God or anything He calls me to be, but HE loves me anyways and uses the things HE has called me to do to shape me into the person HE has called me to be.  And I also remember that He “doesn’t call the prepared, HE prepares the called.”

The rest just falls into line.  As long as I have a heart that seeks God (and thankfully he is SO forgiving when I do get caught up in myself), I can do anything.  Be a wife.  Be a mom.  Be a servant.  Be who He wants me to be.