Five Minute Friday: Remember

Five Minute Friday…. the time where I can ramble on and on and not worry that I sound crazy…
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One of my favorite Disney movies is The Lion King.  I love the story, I love the music, and I LOVE animals!!  One of my favorite parts of the movie is how the lost, not-so-sure-of-himself Simba is longing for who he is and what he’s meant to be in the world.  He knows deep down that what he’s doing just isn’t quite it.  He runs into the beloved Rafiki (my absolute FAVORITE character in the movie), the old wise monkey who says “I KNOW YOUR FATHER (who had been killed years earlier which is the reason why Simba runs away in the first place).  Simba excitedly follows Rafiki who leads him on a wild chase to the middle of no where, and tells him “Your Father lives in You.”  Then from the clouds the great voice of MUFASA comes and says “you have forgotten where you have come from and so then have forgotten me…”  and so on and so forth.  Mufasa reminds him to think of who he is and be who he was created to be (not exactly what he says but reading between the lines you get the gist!).  He says “Remember…. Remember….”

I TOO often forget who I am created to be.  I forget that I am a created child of God.  I forget that I am a princess.  I forget that I was created for something great.  I forget that God is in charge and He cares for me.  I get stressed out about what I”m doing in my life, the direction of my life, certain situations of my life, etc… Sometimes a voice from within my soul comes out (sounding like James Earl Jones, of course) “REMEMBER… REMEMBER”

And I REMEMBER that I am God’s.  That’s all I need to remember.


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