Calling All You Ladies!!

Ladies?!? Are you feeling lonely in the season of life you are in? You need to get yourself over to (in)courage and get yourself into an online community group. (in)courage is an online Christian Community for Women where we can connect, refresh, and enjoy life together as Women in Christ! They have over 70 groups available for all seasons of life! New Moms/ Pastor’s Wives/ Empty Nesters/ Infertility/ Depression/ Singleness/ just to name a few!!! Click HERE to peruse the site and find one that is right for you! The Summer Session Registration OPENS TODAY!!!

I myself have the opportunity of co-directing (in)motherhood with the fabulous Jessica Hoover over at Hand Me Down Grace. She & I are passionate about New Moms because… well, that’s what we are!!!

 Here’s a brief description of our group:
We are a group of new and expectant moms who love to wrap our arms around each other across the miles through encouragement.(in)motherhood is a place for you to kick up tired feet, pour out your heart and have your empty cup refilled by other sisters that understand right where you are at- even if that places is buried under loads of laundry or with a baby (or two)  on your hip. Our hope is that this group will lean hard on Jesus together for the strength and courage to love our families well in the glorious and messy  moments of motherhood. We would love to have you walk with us as we laugh, cry, pray, question and cling to Jesus for the grace to mother each and every day.

I am the mom of the Adorable soon-to-be THREE year old, Levi, AND now the mom of the beautiful little five month old, Kyrie Grace!

What’s it like being the mom of two? Eating standing up… NEVER finishing a warm cup of coffee in one sitting… trying to teach a toddler not to pile his toys on top of his sister while she’s sleeping in her swing… cleaning up the milk he just spilled on the floor… changing toddler bed sheets AGAIN because someone decided to get naked, jump up & down, & pee on them instead of taking a nap… and taking twice as long to get ready in the morning because something happens like spilling MORE milk or little one gets stuck on her tummy & forgets how to roll over every 30 seconds…SIGH…THIS IS MOTHERHOOD. Your laundry doubles, obviously, but what we still can’t figure out after five months is how the ADULT laundry has doubled when we aren’t changing our clothes any more often than we did… spit up and all. Yes… that’s right… I keep spit up on my clothes all day if I have to!!!  🙂

But I wouldn’t change it for anything. Even though I’m constantly tired, my house is a wreck, and I’m lucky if I remember to change my clothes in the morning, let alone put on makeup. Motherhood isn’t for the weak but we still need to find rest. That is what our Summer session of (in)motherhood is going to be… Finding REST in the midst of the chaos!! We will also be doing an optional book study on Hope for the Weary Mom by Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGothlin! Finding Rest is Biblical – God commanded it of us and even began things off by being the example by resting Himself after He created the world.  

Interested in joining us?!? Sign up here. Interested in another group, hey! That’s okay too. Check out the other 70ish groups here. The Summer Session officially kicks off on May 26.

Looking forward to a restful, relaxing Summer with y’all!