Dear Kyrie…

Several years ago I posted a Letter to Levi for my prayer and hopes and dreams for my son. Today I share with you a similar letter written to my daughter, little Kyrie Grace.

Dear Kyrie…

It is hard to believe that you are now 13 months old. I just seems like yesterday that you weren’t even born yet. Your Daddy & I prayed for you long before you were even a thought. After the bumpy road we experienced even before Levi was born having one child was a blessing, but two makes our cups “runneth” over!

We are so delighted in our little surprise! Like we did with your brother we decided to be surprised as to if you were a boy or a girl. Throughout the pregnancy I had myself convinced that you were a boy. Not because I didn’t want a girl, but the pregnancy felt very similar to Levi’s (other than his heart issue) so I had it in my head that you were also a boy. After time even Daddy was convinced that you were a boy. Imagine our surprise and extreme delight when they announced to us “IT’S A GIRL!” when you were born. And what even made it extra special was you showing up a week early and arriving on your Pappy’s Birthday!


What a bundle of joy you have been to us!

You are the most wonderful baby girl we could ever ask for. Not only have we been blessed with a wonderful sleeper so far (THANK YOU GOD ABOVE!) but for the most part you are a very laid back little girl… aside from your drama queen moments, of course! You are a becoming a wonderful playmate for Levi and as you grow we pray that you two will be close and become good friends.

We pray that you also grow to respect and obey your Father and I. We are not perfect parents and will never ever claim to be. Know now that we will make mistakes and we pray that you offer us grace and understanding along the way. Parenting is not easy. You didn’t come with a manual, even as the second child, so bear with us! May you learn and understand that we do absolutely have your very best interest in mind. We trust someday you might look back and see where we truly tried our best.

We pray that you remain healthy. Ultimately, as a woman who has dealt with self esteem issues her entire life, I especiallly pray that God would grant you a healthy self esteem. May you grow up in a world where you don’t care so much what other people think. May you realize at a young age that the only opinion that matters is God’s – and He already loves you more than you can ever know. We pray that neither you or your brother have to deal with depression or anxiety like I have.

We pray that you grow up to be a strong young lady with a heart of gold. May God use you to make a difference in this world in some way, whether it’s in a small circle of people or all over the world. We also hope and pray that you come to know and love God and have a desire to serve Him. May you develop a relationship with Jesus Christ at a young age – old enough to understand the significance, of course, but young enough to be able to carry it with you throughout your life.

We pray that you have wonderful friends that guide you and want what’s best for you too. May you have friends who will challenge you and help to develop you into the wonderful person you are meant to be. We pray God protects you from the “wrong kind” of friends as well – just as we know he did the same for us as a children.

May you quickly understand right from wrong. When you do something wrong may you get caught so that you are able to learn from your mistakes. I pray that as you grow and mature you will have the desire to make the right choice, even when it might not be the easiest or most popular choice.

May you never be the victim of any kind of crime or abuse. May God protect you from all of that type of evil.


I trust that God will answer these prayers in His own way. He already knows the beautiful young woman you will become and we cannot wait to see for ourselves just who that young lady will be!

Know you are loved.  Know that nothing you could ever do will make us stop loving you.

Know you are cared for more than words can say.

Know you are a miracle.

Know that we will always be your biggest fans.

Love, Mommy (& Daddy too!)


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