Rainbow Butterfly Kite

In late Summer my family and I traveled to the Beach with my parents and brother & his family. One thing I love about the beach is the constant breeze. It’s the most perfect place 99% of the time to fly a kite – something I’ve always loved doing. There is something so freeing about sending a kite up into the air and allowing the breeze to carry it wherever it may. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes the kite comes crashing back to the ground without a prayer.


My six year old niece brought along a rainbow butterfly kite, complete with pink tails at the end. (A rainbow butterfly kite in and of itself could be a blog topic… another post for another time). She spent a lot of her time flying this kite. It was her goal to perfect kite flying, because she’s been trying at home and it hasn’t always been successful. By the middle of the week, she was a kite flying pro! She was so excited one afternoon that she “let out all the string!!! There’s nothing left!!!” We all cheered and hoot and hollered for her as she mastered her kite flying abilities & she was quite proud of herself.

My sister-in-law & I got to talking about how the Spiritual Journey is a lot like flying a kite. God is the kite operator, so to speak, and we are the kite. In order for the kite to fly correctly it needs the tension of the string. Without it the kite would crash straight back down to the ground, if it takes off at all.

The kite WILL NOT fly by itself. Take a kite out of the package it will not fly on its own. Sure, a quick gust might come along and carry it a few inches but it will not do anything spectacular. It needs the operator to send it up and let it do its thing with a careful hand. That’s how it is designed.

We too, need to be connected to God in order to “fly” right. There are times that even when we are connected we’ll come crashing down. We lose our passion. We lose our motivation. We lose our focus. We fall down, and God picks us back up again. He brushes off the sand and dirt and sends us back on our way. Without God, we’re just a piece of plastic blowing in the wind without a prayer and who knows where we’ll end up. We are all designed for a purpose, and with God as the handler, we’ll soar to new levels that we never felt possible.

So I ask you? Are you allowing the operator let you fly the way you were designed to?

*This post was inspired by my sister-in-law, Jennifer Bistline. It was her initial “musings” that got me jump-started on this post. Thanks Jenny! ❤


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