When God Says WAIT


I came across these verses yesterday. They reminded me of times when God had me in seasons of waiting. I am not a patient person. I believe that when God was handing out that particular virtue I was delinquent. I hate waiting. I could blame it on our “microwave-drive-thru-society” but I believe that even if I lived 100 years ago, I would still be an impatient person. I do not like to wait.

When I was in college I made the mistake found myself asking God to give me patience. Ever heard the term “be careful what you wish for?” Yeah… God answered that one big time. Only, in His awesome way, He provided ways to TEACH me patience instead of just handing it to me on a silver platter. I was looking for the platter…

But God is still faithful and He continues to amaze me with His time-table. There have been many things that I have had to wait for… marriage, kids, house to sell, house to buy, stars to align for job situations, to name a few… but through it all God remained(s) faithful.

There are times when I still want the silver platter. I still want things right now, when I (think I) need them. I still desire my own timetable. But thankfully mine is wrong and God is good to wait to give it to me when the timing is actually “right.”

So, I wait for the Lord. I wait on His goodness. I wait for His timing. He still allows me to be whiny, but puts me in my place when I need it. I know that I am a stronger person today because I’ve had to “wait.”


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