Getting Lost in the Forest

I love creation. I love being outside and feeling the warm sun on my face, hear the wind rustle through the leaves, and smell the wonders of flowers, vegetation, and nature as a whole.

When I was in college I did a lot of hiking. I loved exploring the woods and forests of the area to get in the middle of God’s creation. I don’t know if it’s my soul wanting to recreate the simplicity of Eden, or just the longing to get back to nature itself, but I LOVE hiking. In South Central PA where I live there are some beautiful state parks and forests to explore and experience.

One particular day, I remember hiking with a good friend of mine. We were headed to a local state forest to find a trail that some friends had told us about. I drove us there, found the location near a beautiful stream, and head out where we thought we needed to go.

The trail was fairly easy and it was a gorgeous Summer morning with the Sun in the sky and the humidity kept at bay. We followed the path marked clearly by the trail markers on the trees and happily went on our way.

As two girls tend to do, we walked and talked. We talked about school, we talked about life, we talked about friends, we talked about work, etc. We continued to walk deeper and deeper into the woods and soon realized that we had gotten off of the trail that we were supposed to be on. We had gotten distracted and missed a turn somewhere and ended up in the woods without any direction and no idea of where we were.

We stopped and listened quietly. We heard the sound of the stream flowing nearby. So we turned around the did our best to get back to where we needed to go. As long as we could hear the stream, we knew that we were headed in the right direction. We eventually did get back onto the right path that led us out of the woods to my little car that was patiently waiting to take us back into civilization.

Through the ordeal, I was reminded that life is a lot like that hike. We think we know where we are going, but if we aren’t paying attention, we can quickly steer off of the path that God has for us. We get distracted by the things of the world around us, people telling us what they think we should hear, and soon, the sound of God’s voice is muffled by everything around us.

We get lost and we have to find our way back to where He wants us to be. It might seem like we are on the right path, at first. But eventually we realize we are dreadfully so far off of where we should be. It takes a while to find the path again. It might be difficult, but if we listen for the faint sound of God’s voice, He will direct us in the way we should go to get back where He wants us.


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