Chasing Rainbows

If you take any time at all to know me you’ll quickly learn that I love nature, particularly the beach. I also love rainbows – a sign of God’s promises (see Gen 9:12-17). God has sent me a rainbow many times when I needed to be reminded that He is still in control. A rainbow from God is like a rose from my husband – a simple reminder that He loves me.

This summer at the beach, God gave me several simple gifts of His goodness. He put a rainbow in the sky above the beach not one, not two, not three, but FOUR DAYS IN A ROW. From where our condo was, we could see both sides of the rainbow, from beginning to end. (My husband was about to rent a boat and go diving for the pot of gold as the rainbow was in the exact same spot every time – probably a scientific explanation for that but I don’t really care. It was really awesome).

IMG_2132edit God always shows us in simple ways that He loves us. Taking two of my favorite things and putting them together – an image I will NEVER forget. And four days in a row… He was just showing off 😉IMG_2131edit

Where or how do you see God’s love letters to you?


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