2015 wrap up/One Word for 2016

My 2015 has been a year of trust. We started the year with numerous unknowns. One of the biggest ones was the need for a bigger house. The four of us were living in a 2 bedroom tiny ranch style house & were quickly out growing it! We had been praying for over a year about where God might want us (longer, really, we knew even before the birth of Kyrie that things would be a little tight there!). Thankfully, in early Spring God directed us to the right house…. and once the stars began to align we knew we were headed “home.” We moved the end of June! Yay God!

This blog has been a work in progress over the years. It’s not where I want it to be, but part of me is afraid to put myself out there. And for the small handful of you who read it, I’m thankful and I trust you’re blessed. But this past fall I put my TRUST again in this blog and entered into a writing challenge where I was to write for 31 Days straight. Well, I didn’t write for 31 days but I did write more in that month than I did all year. And I was able to share some things that God had been asking me to share for quite some time – another area of trust. I tried not to beat myself up over not writing every day but my goal is to complete it NEXT October, while writing more this year.

Which leads me to my One Word for 2016… DO. 2015 has been quiet for me as far as “doing.” It was a needed season of focusing on my family and myself. I felt God asking me to step down from things I was involved in and even saying NO to good things that came across my path – which was a lesson in and of itself. I’ve never been good with the “NO” answer. But God has been teaching me over the years that just because something is good for Him, doesn’t mean I’m called to do it – it might be meant for someone else. And by saying “Yes” when I should say “NO,” I’m taking the blessing of someone else away from them. Anyways, I’m rambling, but this past year has been one of trusting and waiting on God.

So what will “DO!” Look like? That I’m not sure. One of the things I prayed for while we were looking for a house was to have a place I felt I could open up and share. Maybe God will call me to start a group out of my house, or at the very least, just be more hospitable and not be afraid to invite people over (GUILTY! I have kids… my house is always a mess 😦 )

So DO might mean putting myself out there again. I do believe that part of the reason why God asked me to step down from several things was because He had something else for ME too. So I await what that might be… if anything yet.

But here’s to 2016… a new year where I want to blog more and share what God lays upon my heart. A year where I continue to take better care of my body (slowly losing all that baby weight even though my babies are now 4 & 2!), and a year of DOING whatever God might have for me.

Happy New Year!

Photo Credit: Jazmin Quaynor