Back at it… AND A GIVEAWAY! (YAY!)

So I am falling majorly behind in my Write 31 Days challenge. I have written a lot more than I have all year (yay!) but I have fallen behind.

Truth is… My old lady carpel tunnel flared up BAD last week and it was all I could do to type up what I needed to for work and that was it.

However, I am going to finish out the month strong. I can’t focus on the time I’ve lost, but i can focus on what is ahead.

Onto the giveaway!!! is celebrating all of the amazing Write 31 Days readers who are supporting nearly 2,000 writers this October! To enter to win a $500 DaySpring shopping spree, just click on this link & follow the giveaway widget instructions. Good luck, and thanks for reading!


To Know Then What I Know Now…

We recently moved over the summer into a new house and with that comes unpacking, unpacking, unpacking. In the midst of unpacking I came across some old photos from very first mission trip. I was such a kid in those pics. Taken nearly twenty years ago (that’s right, I was six in these pics, tee hee), I am reminded of the whimsical, whatever-may-be-attitude I had at that point. I was still in school and had my whole future ahead of me. IMG_2325

I didn’t really worry about money or a career or sickness. I was a little anxious about the unknown future but it seemed so far away. I lived in the present and enjoyed every minute of what was going on in my life.

I was just beginning to learn about who I was and for the first time in my life, I believe, I didn’t worry 100% about what other people thought of me (I’ve ALWAYS been a people pleaser, so thIMG_2330 (2)at was a HUGE milestone, right there).

I miss that girl. I miss who she was. I miss the la-di-dah attitude. She was fun.

However, looking back. The reason why I wasn’t concerned about the future and lived in the present was because I didn’t want to think about the future. At that point I had no idea what to do with my life or where to go to college and all of the pressures that were put on high school students even back then. I lived in the present because I feared the future.

If I could go back & meet with her, I think there’s something we could teach each other. She would remind me to live in the present. Thankfully, I no longer fear the future. I am excited about the future. I now forget about the present and I’m always waiting for “the next step.” I actually need to do more of “stop and smell the roses.” ESPECIALLY since I am now a mom and I know my kiddos won’t be this little for long.

I would tell her that the future isn’t so scary. Yes, at times I felt (and still do feel!) lost in the dark. But I’ve learned to trust God more. I would tell her that you will actually SURVIVE heartaches. You will survive bad choices. You will survive circumstances that *gasp* were out of your control. And you will be better because of all of it.

Oh to be young, but yet have the “wisdom” from heartache that I know now…

And for those of you wondering – the mission trip was to a suburb of San Diego doing work and VBS at a Latin Church there. It was amazing!!

Need a Photographer?

So I have to brag on one of my bff’s. Yesterday we had the privilege of doing Family pics outside in this gorgeous fall weather with the wonderful and talented Janelle Allen of Janelle Allen Photography.

Janelle did such a fantastic job with these sneak-peak pics that I can’t wait to see the rest. My kiddos aren’t always the most cooperative and even yesterday they didn’t always do what they were supposed to do! Half the time my daughter was playing in the dirt and the other half our son was asking to go back to the park to play in the sandbox. 12095070_1033607016671830_8026717064448395556_o

But Janelle is just enough of a perfectionist to catch the good shots when the kids aren’t whini10848642_1033607046671827_5622567262736291782_ong and Mama’s not pulling her hair out!
So if you’re ever in need of a photographer, she’s your girl! She’s one of the best ones I’ve ever worked with!  And I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend. She has the eye for detail!